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論文作者:www.51lunwen.org論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis登出時間:2017-12-09編輯:lgg點擊率:2427

論文字數:38956論文編號:org201712031727425186語種:英語 English地區:中國價格:$ 66


摘要:本文是英語畢業論文,本文的語料來源為三十篇 2011 至 2015 年的英語學術著作序言,著作均出自 Springer 或 Palgrave Macmillan 出版社,涉及人文科學、社會科學和自然科學領域,以語言學、經濟學、天文學為代表,每個學科各十篇。

Chapter 1 Introduction

This thesis tries to examine prefaces of English academic monographs(hereinafter PEAM) from a rhetorical perspective. More specifically, it investigatesthe rhetorical strategies applied by monograph authors in PEAM to persuade potentialreaders to go on reading and buy the books. These strategies are classified accordingto the three modes of persuasion summarized by Aristotle, the most influentialrepresentative of the western classical rhetoric, including logos, the appeal to sense,ethos, the appeal to personal characters, and pathos, the appeal to emotions.

1.1 The Background of the Research
This research grows out of an observation that academic discourses of mostkinds have been studied with abundant literatures from article abstracts (e.g. XiaoZhonghua and Cao Yan, 2014; Doró, 2014) to discussion sections (e.g. Jiang Yue andTao Mei, 2007; Cheng and Unsworth, 2016). Yet, preface, as a sub-genre of academicdiscourse draws some attention but far from enough, not as much as that of otheracademic discourses. Among these limited literatures about preface, those aboutgenre analysis are comparatively prominent, concerning the generic structures ofprefaces to realize communicative purposes among which the promotional function ofprefaces is repeatedly mentioned. However, although related scholars have noticedthe promotional aspect of prefaces (e.g. Bhatia, 1993, 1997; Azar, 2012), they neitherdo some more targeted explorations in-depth in this aspect nor get out of genericstructures to find other possible means of realizing promotion. Yet, in reality, thepromotional function of prefaces is just so important since whether people decide tobuy certain books usually relies on their casual scan through the limited pages ofprefaces. Therefore, deeper studies on preface are just in need especially on itspromotional purpose.

1.2 The Purpose and Significance of the Research
Our research aims to clarify the often used rhetorical strategies in PEAM toachieve persuasion, which can elicit our research questions that present our goals inmore detail. In other words, the goal of our research is to find answers for thequestions below through the investigation of PEAM:(1) What strategies do monograph authors usually apply to realize persuasionappealing to logos?(2) What strategies do monograph authors usually apply to realize persuasionappealing to ethos?(3) What strategies do monograph authors usually apply to realize persuasionappealing to pathos?(4) Are there any disciplinary differences among subjects selected in applyingthese strategies? (the corpus selected that includes PEAM of three subjects will beexpatiated in Section 1.3)The significance of the research has theoretical and practical considerations.From a theoretical point of view, it extends the research scope of preface studies andconfirms the explanatory power of rhetorical appeal theory over persuasive texts.From a practical point of view, it contributes to preface writing so that prefaceswritten in the future are likely to be more persuasive if strategies in the research arewell applied. Moreover, it will help readers find more effective ways to read PEAMand thus save time in selecting appropriate books. Namely, having known from our research that authors appeal to the three modes of persuasion in PEAM, readers couldfind more quickly the information in PEAM that directs at what they care about. Fore論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫,英語論文代寫,代寫論文,代寫英語論文,代寫留學生論文,代寫英文論文,留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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