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關鍵詞:Decision-MakingJournalproject management

Reflective Decision-Making Journal


1. The situation that I’m confused on is whether or not to quit my job and do more military drills while going to school full-time, or to continue working as the acting regional manager, in which a permanent hire might be brought in and I will be put back as an operations manager.
2. I have decided to hold on for another month at least to see if a decision is made on whether or not I got the position. If I get the position, then I will be fine, if I don’t then I will most likely quit.
3. I feel very negative because I really like the position www.2080311.live提供 that I’m holding, I know that I can do it, it’s whether or not I get it that is the problem. I feel as if I have worked to get here and it will be a slap in the face not to be put here permanently. However, I’m trying to use reason rather than emotions on making my final decision on whether to stay or not. 
4. I think being more upfront with my director a few months ago about my frustration on holding this position, not knowing what his opinion on whether I’m going to get it, should have been more upfront. After my interview last Friday, he made it apparent that I’m most likely his top candidate so far and I will have to wait and see his decision.
5. In the future I will try to do a better assessment of what is going on and come up with a more effective action plan, rather than holding things in and doing nothing about them.

Work Orders

1. The situation is that or site was just audited and we failed miserably. The biggest problem was that we were only able to find 27 out of the 50 work orders that were summoned for the audit.
2. Decided that an action plan was needed to ensure 100% accountability in the future existed. I decided this after the audit results came back and our site failed. Supervisors and contracting companies will receive a list (pulled from the completion report) of all their work orders completed from the week prior, they will go through and organize these work orders according to the list provided. They will then turn them in to our site administer who will go through and verify those not turned in. If any are missing, the supervisor/company will send their technician back to the customer’s house to have a new one filled out.
3. I feel that this is what is needed for our site to uphold DirecTV policies and procedures. Problem was found and now a solution had to be created.
4. It would have been nice to have known that there was no accountability in the work order filing process along time ago. This could havewww.2080311.live提供  been prevented by previous managers, as well as reduced my staff and me recently.
5. I’m taking this as a learning example, all the areas of this operation; I have jumped into, learning the ins and outs, trying to find strengths and weaknesses. Better to be proactive than reactive!


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